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We pride ourselves on being able to offer you the correct product that your laboratory or test house requires, by developing partnerships with strategic manufacturers we have the added advantage of being able to deliver the whole market range to our clients. We supply the product thats meets your requirements without compromise. Being free to select from the entire range of Laboratory balances from all the best manufacturers allows us to deliver high quality cost effective products and solutions.

Our balance division has spent many years developing their technical knowledge about products, laboratory procedures and market requirements , that make us your perfect business partner.

To discuss your laboratory balance requiremnts call out Laboratory Balance team direct on 01753 511 801 or contact us.


Sartorius analytical balances are lab weighing instruments that feature the highest accuracy for analytical weighing processes. Balances are equipped with a draft shield chamber to eliminate interfering ambient effects. Sartorius analytical balances excel in delivering repeatable weighing results and ultra-fast response. Their world's first monolithic weigh cell meets unique prerequisites for ensuring high measurement accuracy.

Mettler Toledo

Mettler Toledo instruments are used in research, scientific and quality control labs, amongst many others in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and cosmetics industries. Mettler Toledo are a global market leader with the three instrument groups most frequently used in the laboratory, like balances, pipettes, and pH meters, and are pioneers in the field of Automated Chemistry.

A & D Instruments

A&D Insruments, are a world-class producer of advanced measuring, monitoring, controlling and testing instruments. Individuals with varied educational and technical skills use these instruments in a wide range of applications.
A&D Balances are manufactured to the latest standards and have solutions from moisture analysers to micro analytical balances.


For more than 100 years, OHAUS has been the brand of choice for customers who are looking for quality made, full-featured scales and balances at an economical price. Ever since the OHAUS Harvard Trip Balance set the standard by which the weighing industry would be measured, both our products and the OHAUS name have been recognized as among the most reliable in the business. Ohaus are part of the Mettler Toledo group.