Heavy Duty Weighbridge

Weighbridge's designed to last a lifetime


Brash HD Series Weighbridge Built for Strength

Heavy Duty vehicle weighbridge for the harshest of environments, from 50,000Kg to 150,000Kg

Weighbridge loadcell
Load Cells

World class sheer beam load cells allow the weighbridge to operate in the harshest of environments, manufactured by the world leaders in load cell technology

Weighbridge ramp
Steel Ramp Option

Optional steel ramps as opposed to concrete ramps allow for temporary installations on sites where the weighbridge will be in use for short periods of time.

Weighbridge delivery install
Installation Packages

At Brash we offer a range of installation packages, which include delivery and calibration with certification to EN45501 standard

Concrete weighbridge foundations
Concrete Foundations

For permanent and long term installation we recommend concrete foundations. Brash can assist in the design and build of suitable foundation that will extent the life of your Heavy Duty Weighbridge

Weighbridge accessories and access solutions

With a range of weighbridge accessories available from Brash you can choose form completely automated access control and weight management solutions, to weighbridge traffic lights or software.

Weighbridge barrier
Access Barriers

Automatic access barriers to control entry and exit

Traffic lights
Traffic Lights

Optional Traffic Lights control exit and entry to the weighbridge

Weighbridge ticketing terminal
Automated Weighbridge

Every Brash vehicle weighbridge has the ability to link with one of our world class driver terminals offering semi to completely automatic operations with traffic lights, RFID readers.

Concrete weighbridge foundations
Concrete Foundations

All our weighbridge hire packages include delivery, offloading, installation, calibration and verification as fit for trade use.

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