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Tanita Body Composition

TANITA believes in Healthy Habits for Happiness. Healthy habits lead to a positive life and a healthy body. Monitoring your new behaviour over time will help you to maintain these healthy habits. 

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A healthy body not only concerns your weight, but in fact depends on several other factors

How can you measure these? With a body composition scale. This scale measures more than just weight. It is important to have a good balance between the different health factors. For example, body analysis scales allow you to measure the balance between the water, muscle and fat levels in your body, giving you a better idea of your overall health. Can you use some extra motivation while losing weight and/or getting fitter, or would you like to work on your healthy habits? Then a body composition scale from TANITA will help you with that.

Tanita Body Composition Scales

  • BC-401
  • BC-731
  • BC-730
  • BC-718
  • BC-587
  • BC-313
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