Freefall Metal Detection

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Freefall Metal Detection

The freefall metal detection system Vistus® ensures the reliable inspection and removal of metallic foreign bodies from any kind of food products in powder or granule form that is transported with the use of gravity through a pipe, e.g. milk powder, wheat, nuts or cornflakes. Vistus® freefall metal detectors feature:

  • Minimum installation height for easy integration into any application
  • Cost effective control of up to four search coil via one terminal
  • True In-Process Validation.  This functionality guarantees correct performance testing

Perfect your metal detection system: choose the right components to suit your needs for your remote terminal using the modular principle for customisation with search coil, pipe, separator and, optionally, True In-Process Validation.


All components of the entire system can be used in zone 22 potentially explosive environments as per the provisions of Directive 94/9/EC.

Freefall Metal Detection
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