HCI Counting Scale

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HCI Counting Scale

The Aand D Hcci series offers really good electronic counting function with a low price, the unit boasts a high accuracy weighing system together with a 1:750000 counting resolution meaning that the scale readings are multiplyed by 750,000 to calculate the average piece weight minimising repeated re sampling due to different sample weights.

Navigation system with LED for easy and simple operationHigh internal resolution 1/600,000

(HC-3Ki / 6Ki / 30Ki) and 1/750,000 (HC-15Ki)Weighing display resolution 6000 (HC-3Ki / 6Ki / 30Ki)

and 7500 (HC-15Ki)Automatic Counting Accuracy Improvement (ACAI)

Audible Weighing Assist beeping function (AWA)Detachable display unitComparator function with HI, LO, OK display

HCI Counting Scale
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