Intelligent Junction Box

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Intelligent Junction Box

Continuous, cost-effective load cell monitoring with an instant alarm signal - like having a service engineer on-site 24/7.

The JB4T-INTELLIGENT junction box is designed to continuously monitor a load cell weighing system for error or fault conditions.  Up to 4 load cells can be monitored in the same weighing system; if a fault condition occurs with one or more load cells then an alarm signal is triggered via a relay output. There is no need for a standard junction box as well.  It is powered directly from the weight indicator / transmitter so there is no need for an external power supply.

Reasons to use the Intelligent Junction Box:

Minimises wastage on batching systems
Reduces chances of expensive and damaging product recalls
Increased safety of the weighing system - it can detect load cell overload
Load cell errors / faults / damage can be quickly identified and solved
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Fault conditions monitored:

Out-of-balance signal across all the load cells
Load cell signal is outside a pre-set range
Reduction in excitation voltage
Load cell is in a short or open circuit state
Key features:

Continuous monitoring of weighing system with up to 4 load cells
Alarm signal via relay
Red LED display shows error message if fault condition occurs
No separate power supply required - it is powered from the weight indicator/transmitter
Simple, fast installation using removable terminal blocks
IP65 ABS casing (Stainless Steel or Omega/DIN rail mount options
Excitation voltage range from indicator/transmitter: 4-12V DC

Intelligent Junction Box
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