Ohaus Ranger 4000 Count
Ranger Count 4000 is the ideal t...

Ohaus Ranger 4000 Count

Ranger Count 4000 is the ideal tool for tough industrial counting jobs that require durability and accuracy at a great value.

Portable with die-cast metal housing and a rechargeable battery, this scale is equipped with weighing, parts counting, check counting, and accumulation functions, and can produce results for a variety of industrial weighing, counting, and measurement needs.
Applications Weighing, Parts Counting with Auto Optimisations,
Checkweighing, Accumulation Display 3 window backlit liquid crystal display (LCD), 3 colour check-weighing LEDs Operation AC power (included) or rechargeable battery (included) Communication Easy access communication port including standard RS232 (included) and second RS232, USB or Ethernet (accessories sold separately) Construction Rugged Cast Aluminum Housing, Stainless Steel Platform Design Cast Aluminum Housing, stainless steel platform, sealed front panel, menu lock-switch, up-front level indicator, adjustable feet, selectable environmental and auto-print settings, stability indicator, overload and under-load indicators, low battery indicator, auto shut-off, auto tare