Signum Counting Scale

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Signum Counting Scale

Signum - Unparalleled Quality and Accuracy 

  • IP65 protected.
  • Readability 0.001 g to 20 g.
  • Weighing capacity 0.6 kg to 65 kg.

Industrial scales for sophisticated weighing tasks, extremely rugged and resistant. The Signum industrial scale from Minebea Intec is a compact industrial scale in which a choice of two powerful technologies is used: SIWR and SIWA models work with a strain-gauge type load cell; the high-resolution SIWS models feature monolithic weigh cells based on electromagnetic force compensation.

The Signum offers exceptional performance features and, despite its wide variety of functions, is a very easy-to-operate industrial scale. The Signum is extremely rugged and resistant, and perfectly adapts to any ambient conditions in an industrial environment. The Signum is highly customisable and configurable, and other options are available; please contact us with your specifics, and we can have this scale customised to fit your needs.

With a Signum industrial scale, anything is possible: pick and choose your level of applications and different resolutions, and enjoy the benefits of a wide variety of interfaces and options. The Signum is a compact scale built exactly the way you want it without compromises.
With the high resolution versions of the Signum series you can realise resolutions in the milligram range. They are especially designed for precise weighing tasks and applications such as counting, checking and formulation.

Signum Counting Scale
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Signum Counting Scale Options & Specifications
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