Signum Scales Stainless Steel

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Signum Scales Stainless Steel

Signum Scales - Supreme Stainless Steel
Signum® by Sartorius combines the high precision and accuracy of a laboratory balance with the rugged robustness and longevity of an industrial scale.
With the simplicity of use at the forefront of its design, Signum® provides intuitive controllers ensuring that no matter how complicated the procedure, Signum® not only makes it easy but minimizes the risk for inputting errors. Built-in calibration weights help to maintain its accuracy and an internal product memory allows large amounts of data to be stored on the machine.

  • Signum® Complete Scales
  • Monolithic weighing system
  • Resolutions of 60,000 d to 620,000 d
  • Class II “verified at the factory” with built-in motorized calibration weight
  • Includes multiple application levels
  • Overload protection (300 kg)
  • Variety of options for special requirements | data communication
  • IP65 protection

Optional use in areas subject to explosion hazards zones 2 and 22

A choice of three indicators and three platforms ensures that Signum® is the best choice no matter what your process. A wealth of features are provided depending on the level of indicator and platform chosen, these include; SQ Min, Full label printing and formatting, Counting, Checkweighing, Totalizing, Formulation, Classification

To fit seamlessly into your existing infrastructure, Signum® is equipped with a wide range of connectivity options such as Ethernet, Profibus DP, PS2, RS232, RS422 and RS485. To further facilitate its easy integration into any process, Signum® is built with an IP65 housing and is approved for use in ATEX zones 2/22.

Any application utilizing weighing technology can be a potentially damaging environment to the accuracy of the equipment. To combat this fully, Signum® is built to withstand massive overloads (up to 300 kg) and to be resilient to large side shocks and lateral v

Signum Scales Stainless Steel
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